You’ve obviously got an appetite for fairness. Welcome to WR Eats.

From beloved eateries to neighbourhood pubs, the pandemic has left Waterloo Region’s local restaurants trying to make ends meet – not easy with online delivery services charging them up to 30% commission per order. But you can stop their hard-earned money from going out the door along with your delivery, by ordering right here at It’s fast, easy take-out that won’t take a bite off your favourite resto’s bottom line.

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Hats Off

Our local food scene is what it is today thanks to the work of the pioneers who championed the regions’s great eats and we tip our hat to the work of Andrew Coppolino, whose name is synonymous with the Waterloo Region food scene. After some time spent cooking professionally as an apprentice chef in a downtown Kitchener restaurant, Andrew quickly determined he wanted to work with food from the ‘other side of the stove’ and thus Waterloo Region Eats began with the eponymous website back in the ‘90s. Since then, Andrew has worn many hats as a writer, food columnist and author among others, while consistently serving as Waterloo Region’s preeminent ambassador for the chefs and restaurateurs in this tough industry. Andrew’s work promoting Waterloo Region’s local food scene continues at, where he shines a light on where to eat and what to eat – and on initiatives like WR Eats which support local restaurants.

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